Utilize the game of basketball

To utilize the game of basketball as a means to inspire, develop, and cultivate future community leaders in an environment that helps foster player health and well-being, skill development, and a competitive attitude, while enjoying a postivie on-court experience for young athletes, ages 7-14.

Basketball technique & fundamentals

To teach proper basketball technique and fundamentals.

To offer positive, passionate coaches to help grow young boys and girls both as athletes and in the game of life.

To live and teach the foundation concepts of teamwork. sportsmanship, respect, and accountability.

To be a responsive, transparent, and well-organized basketball academy.

To Have fun!

Individual player development

It is our highest priority to provide individual player development.

Summer Biddy Basketball Registration

Now accepting registrations for 2019

Vermilion Biddy Basketball Registration

Parents, complete the registration to sign up your child/player for the Vermilion Biddy Basketball. If you have any questions, call us directly 337-937-4360. We look forward to hearing from you.

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